7 Easy Pieces of T Shirt

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7 Easy Pieces of T Shirt

Seven Easy Pieces of T Shirt are an outstanding way to create your own style from your head to feet by using clothing items that you already own. By simply wearing a capsule, neck piece or hat, you can easily create a new look for yourself. Each easy piece comes with a specially designed hair clip and unique styling instructions so that you have everything that you need to make your new wardrobe come to life.

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The seven easy pieces of tee shirt includes: The Donna Karan Silk Cover Up Capsule, Donna Karan Silk Cute Shag, Donna Karan Classic Shag, Donna Karan Short Sleeve Cap, Donna Karan T shirt Belt, Donna Karan T shirt Slides, Donna Karan Long Sleeve Slides and Donna Karan Classic Boxer Slides. These capsule wardrobe pieces allow you to use your favorite capsule and transform it into a new style, instantly. All you need to do is wear the included hair clips, style your hair as you normally would and put your favorite hair accessory, clip or hat on.

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You can even use this capsule hairstyle for casual days. Simply put your hair into place and wear your favorite hat or headpiece. Then switch it out throughout the day and wear your new t shirt or hat for even more versatility. This fun hair accessory allows you to create your own style every day! You will love how easy and convenient this is to accessorize your everyday wardrobe. Your hair won’t stand out any longer and you will love how it looks every day.

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