A Brief Guide To capsule Wardrobes

A Brief Guide To capsule Wardrobes

Building a capsule wardrobe really is the ultimate touch-up you can do when it comes to dressing. Typically capsule wardrobes contain just items that match you and items you like, not necessarily in the sense that you feel you look the most trendy or the trendiest. Generally capsule wardrobes contain pieces that are timeless such as dresses from the 80s, classic cardigans, and vintage blazers. There are also capsule wardrobe pieces for men, women, and children. The reason capsule wardrobes typically contain so many different items is because it is generally smaller in size than a typical wardrobe and because the items can be mixed and matched in different ways.

Basically a capsule wardrobe consists of any piece of clothing that you wouldn’t necessarily classify as an everyday shoe. For example, if you wear skinny jeans all the time, then why wear a pair of sneakers that pretty much go with everything, or even a dress? Likewise, it isn’t going to be smart to mix and match blazers and tennis shoes with a skirt or dress. Also, it’s pretty much smart not to use any patterned fabrics in a capsule wardrobe since these items tend to be more discreet than shoes.

Quick guide to a capsule wardrobe ...

One great thing about capsule wardrobe furniture is that it can basically be constructed to be exactly the right size for whatever it is that you need it for. For example, if you’re going to be wearing a very tight pair of pants, then you’ll want to get a pair of slacks that are a bit longer so they don’t cut into your legs when you walk. That’s pretty much the basics of what goes inside a capsule wardrobe, but there are plenty of different things you can do to customize them to your own needs. If you’re not sure what type of pieces you want to use, then I would recommend shopping on the Internet to see what’s available and what’s in your price range.

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