A Guide to Creating Your Perfect Wardrobe For Fall

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A Guide to Creating Your Perfect Wardrobe For Fall

Are you looking to get yourself into that good capsule wardrobe? There are many different ways you can go about this. You can either head down to your local department store and spend a big time browsing around until you find just what you want. Or, if you’re more comfortable doing things online, then you can easily shop for these great capsule wardrobe items right from your computer. Either way, it doesn’t matter where you get them because they will definitely add a great look to your wardrobe that can’t be beat.

When shopping for your capsule wardrobe you can get your basics in black, navy blue, gray, brown, or chestnut. It’s important that you have at least two pairs of every day pants, a couple tank tops, a couple of long sleeve shirts, some nice shoes, and a few pairs of booties. This is enough to make a complete or nearly complete wardrobe and can be adjusted depending on what your needs are each day. Having the basics such as these gives you the ability to look stylish and put together your outfit in a snap. Having the rest of your wardrobe in the color that you want to make a statement but aren’t quite as bold can give you a little more confidence when putting your outfit together. Whether you choose to go with neutral colors like brown and gray or bold colors such as navy blue and black, you can be confident in knowing that there will be something to mix and match with each outfit.

The next thing you will want to do is sort through your closet to find the best items for each section. Boots, coats, and any other clothing that isn’t layered can be thrown in with your boots, coats, and other layered items. For pants, you will want to have a couple of solid colors as well as a couple of patterns that will tie into your layered wardrobe. The key with most items in your capsule wardrobe winter is to have enough so that there are pieces to mix and match as needed. Having too many items makes it difficult to stay organized. Keeping your closet organized can also help you feel better about your appearance since you know exactly what you have on hand to wear.

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