A Guide to Work Capsules Wardrobe

A Guide to Work Capsules Wardrobe

A work capsule wardrobe is simply a collection of work wear pieces which can all be worn together, to form different outfits. It s intended to function for you, year round, regardless of the environment or situation. The aim is to get as versatile workwear items into your wardrobe as possible so that you are always ready for anything. The work wardrobe should be a balance between your business needs, and your personal needs. You will want to be able to move freely, but at the same time remain professional and organized. This is why you will need a work uniform which matches both your career and your personality.

Work Capsule Wardrobe Guide for Women

Work attire must have enough variety to allow you to switch from one project to the next. For instance, you may not need a black and white polo shirt on your first day of work, but you will need that same shirt on your last day. Mix and match your pieces, but stay within the same color group, or choose solid colors and solid colored patterns. You will also want to choose a few pieces which you can wear interchangeably, such as a pair of black leather pants and a nice, new pair of gray work boots. When your work requires you to be off-duty for a short period of time, such as at the beginning and end of the day, you will not need a tie or a jacket, but these items will help you feel comfortable while still looking professional.

A Teacher Capsule Wardrobe Built From ...

The work capsule wardrobe consists of items which you can wear daily, in addition to items which you can swap in and out. You will want a variety of pieces which can go from work to play, to casual to formal, and back again. If you do not have the money or desire to purchase several pieces of clothing, it is possible to make your own capsule wardrobe. Using a combination of work trousers, work boots, and dress shirts will create a look which is both unique and versatile. By taking the time to select the right combination of clothes which complement each other and work well together, you will be able to look your best in a variety of environments and circumstances.

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