Add Some Stylistic Simplicity to Your Look With a Black and White Scandinavian Capsule Wardrobe

Add Some Stylistic Simplicity to Your Look With a Black and White Scandinavian Capsule Wardrobe

So you’ve heard of the Scandinavian capsule wardrobe and are wondering what to make of it for your own personal styling needs. Well, there’s so much to like about this new capsule styling that you will be eager to start styling in this exciting new Scandinavian style! The Scandinavians have long held a strong liking for clean lines and simplicity, and this is communicated in their clothing. Their designs are clean, simple and geometric, perfect for the modern woman who wants to have the very best pieces from only the best designers. But, with all the Scandinavian designs to choose from, how do you choose which one is right for you? Here is your answer!

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First, look at the styling in the Nordic capsule wardrobe that you like. Nynne from Denmark has a great look in her white and black Scandinavian style. The black leather mini skirt with an accent floral print is a great wardrobe staple for many seasons, especially when worn with the matching top. Nynne’s floral pattern in her hair and makeup mirrors this clean and simple look. This versatile designer brand also offers a very classic yet updated design in their black and white design, featuring a floral pattern framed by an oversized crystal heart and lined in white with gold accents. This wardrobe staple makes great pieces for any fashionista’s cupboard!

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If you love simplicity and elegance, the black and white Nynne capsule wardrobe with a gold trim can be perfect for you. The pattern is simple, but it is enhanced by the elegant gold accents around her neck and on her hair bow and earrings. Nynne’s stylish and simple look will be enhanced even more with the addition of a simple yet beautiful accessory such as her gorgeous black boots that match the pattern perfectly. The combination of these two items is sure to create a stylish yet elegant look, especially perfect for the modern woman who wants to make a bold statement! A black and white scandinavian style wardrobe can be accessorised in a similar way to the above piece, with the addition of simple yet beautiful accessories. You can really add some style to your look by using black and white accessories for every outfit in your daily wardrobe.

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