Adding Closet Space With capsule Wardrobe Styles

Adding Closet Space With capsule Wardrobe Styles

The fall and winter fashion seasons offered a number of capsule styles for this year’s capsule wardrobe shopping. Capsules for the fall include sweaters, scarves, blazers, and coats, while winter capsule collections include coats, hats, cardigans, jeans, sweatshirts, and jackets. While it may seem that winter capsule collections are a lot less varied than fall and spring’s offerings, there is still plenty to choose from. You can find a number of wool capsule jackets that include long-sleeved versions as well as hooded varieties. And while there aren’t as many wool capsule sweaters on the market as there are for fall and spring, you can still find wool cardigans, sweaters, and coats that offer both warmth and style for any season.

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As for adding capsule pieces to your current winter wardrobe, you have a few different options. One of the most popular ways to incorporate capsule pieces into your winter wardrobe is by using hanging drawers. Capsules with hanging drawers will give you the storage you need while still giving you access to the items you want. For instance, if you’re currently storing a few winter coats in the loft of your house, adding a couple hanging drawers would allow you to easily retrieve a coat when you need it. If you don’t have hanging space in your bedroom, or if your bedroom is situated near a stairwell, you can purchase small drawers that match your other clothing items. This would be a great place to store scarves, gloves, scarves, and other thin clothing items that would normally be stored on your full size dresser or chest of drawers.

For even more capsule style clothing storage, why not buy an inexpensive shoe shelf? Shoe shelves, like the ones included in many walk-in closets, are usually made out of wire, but they can easily be covered with a coordinating fabric. An all-white wire shoe shelf would be great for winter, but you can use any color of fabric for your other accessories. With a bit of imagination, you can turn a simple wire closet shelf into the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe and still have plenty of room for your other accessories.

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