Building a 30 Piece Wardrobe That Is The Everyday Minimalist

How To Create A Minimalist Wardrobe

Building a 30 Piece Wardrobe That Is The Everyday Minimalist

The 30 piece wardrobe has been a mainstay of wardrobes for years, they are the basic model and provide a wealth of functionality in a simple form. I feel that they are lacking in a few different areas with some being far too complex for the casual wardrobe user. For example a capsule wardrobe is far too limiting, if you want to be able to mix and match your pieces it is difficult, because you cant add any additional hanging space, so you have to think about what you already have in your wardrobe, its better not to have too many hanging slots in the first place. Another problem is that most capsule designs lack any form of detailing, which I find boring. This leads to a lack of interest in the wardrobe overall, because the lack of details means that it doesn’t look like it came straight from the capsule wardrobe factory.

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With that in mind I decided to create a capsule wardrobe guide, with a few simple tips on how to create a 30 piece wardrobe, that is both functional and interesting to display in your home. Most capsule wardrobes will include two to three separate sections, a chest section and two or three accessory pockets. Most have a single flat pack hanging area that is divided into two compartments by a thin line, this helps to keep items separated and makes it easier to select the right pieces for the given outfit. For the accessories I would suggest using more than one type of accessory, they are generally small and discreet and can fit into the smallest spot on your rack. Also consider using different materials and colours, if you have a lot of black leather you could use a few brown belts or evening bags to give balance.

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One of the biggest problems people face when building a capsule wardrobe is the lack of storage, not only does it lack any hanging space but also has none at all. Thats why the majority of people choose not to go for the full size compartments, if you cant find any of the compartments you can then opt to buy small items and place them onto a separate hanger. Another option would be to use a couple of small drawers in the lid of the wardrobe, they normally don’t have any shelving but can hold small items such as handbags or wallets. Once you have gathered your accessories it is recommended you use a clear sealant to put it all back into place and make sure there are no wrinkles before hanging it up.

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