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capsule Wardrobe Men

The capsule wardrobe has long been a useful tool for more uses out of the same outfit. However, as someone scroll through Instagram early this month I was left wondering where all the trendy guys are? Did some serious Google of capsule wardrobe men and figured out that men were pretty much left out in this fashion trend sooo, here’s the full starter guide to a mens capsule wardrobe to help you get started. Ready?

There are two things you will need two capsules, a few small clothing items, and a lot of fabric or cotton. In most cases your capsule wardrobe will consist of three pieces of clothing items. The capsule pieces can be paired with a slim white cotton T shirt, a white tee, or a slim dark blue or gray t-shirt. And don’t think they have to stay in the capsule wardrobe; they can also be paired with a belt or with any kind of small leather accessory. This is just a small collection of capsule clothing items, but it’s sure to make anyone look good!

As far as the small clothing pieces go, you will mostly be wearing a few pairs of trousers or khakis. The reason why I recommend these particular pieces is because these pieces will let you spread out your legs without being too boxy (which we do not want). The Khakis are a must, but if you are wearing them with a belt they will be perfect for the whole outfit. If you’re wearing a short jacket, then a pair of trousers or a light brown sweater should work just fine. For the final touches on your capsule wardrobe outfit you’ll be wearing a very thin silk belt or a leather belt with some decorative buckle accessories.

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