Choosing Travel Clothing to Go With Your Capsule Wardrobe

Choosing Travel Clothing to Go With Your Capsule Wardrobe

Are you stuck with your travel capsule wardrobe? Don’t worry; there’s no end to how many travelers you can be and have different wardrobes. For example, if you’re traveling for business and are restricted to a briefcase and a few suits, why not make a capsule wardrobe out of it? That way, you’ll have a great looking wardrobe ready for any occasion, even when off-duty. You’ll want something chic, easy to carry and maintain, and made of high quality materials so they last for months at a time. To begin with, decide on what kind of capsule wardrobe you need: whether it’s a simple wardrobe of five to seven pieces or a more complicated system with multiple modules containing three to five items each.

For a more sophisticated look, pack your items into a black satin tank top and long-sleeved dress pants. The long-sleeved dress pants will keep you warm in winter and keep your bottoms warm as well, so it’s important to choose a top with long-sleeves. Carry your bottles of lotion, shampoo, shaving equipment, and makeup along with you in long-sleeved tank tops so they won’t get lost. A travel capsule wardrobe with matching bottoms can add height, as well, and they’ll stay in place, allowing you to pack in an additional shirt for a quick change.

Easiest Ever Travel Capsule Wardrobe ...

When choosing clothes to go with your travel capsule wardrobe, make sure that they’re travel appropriate: don’t choose clothing that’s meant to be worn in cool weather; also, remember that men’s pajama sets tend to have wider leg room than women’s, so you may want to pack two pair of pajamas per person, if possible. Pack in plenty of socks and underwear so that everyone has plenty of room for movement and doesn’t end up feeling cold. And don’t forget that certain fabrics aren’t good choices for colder climates, so keep your clothes accordingly.

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