Cool capsule Wardrobe Examples

Cool capsule Wardrobe Examples

What exactly are capsule wardrobe examples? Simply put, it is a closet full of accessories such as neckties, shoes, scarves, hats, belts and more that are all themed (for the season or occasion) and coordinated by color. There are many varieties of capsule wardrobes available, ranging from those small, closet-sized affairs to large, multi-leveled options that include multiple levels of hanging space for a set of long coats, as well as a variety of accessories including wallets, purses, key rings, and more. You can choose any style and type of capsule wardrobe you like, depending on how organized and creative you want to be!

With a capsule wardrobe, your wardrobe choices are smart, original, and sustainable, because you are able to reuse clothing whenever you need to. What is so great about this type of arrangement-what makes it so smart for the environment-is that it saves a lot of money for the individual person who is creating the wardrobe. Not only is recycling a major component of such an arrangement, but clothing disposal and manufacture also contributes to helping the environment stay sustainable.

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One of the great things about capsule style wardrobes is that they allow you to mix and match different clothing pieces for each season, holiday, or outfit you wear. When you choose tops, you can mix and match blouses with pants, t-shirts with shorts, skirts with dresses, etc. And, because your wardrobe can be expanded later, it never gets old because you can change what you have in there whenever you feel the need (for example, if you get tired of wearing the same long sleeved shirt year after year). You don’t need to worry about getting your seasonal outfits out of date either, because you can always take them back inside and store them for another time. This way, you can keep your wardrobe fully stocked with great clothes, which means that you never get started on the new season before the clothes are ready.

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