Cute Overalls Make Great capsule Wardrobes for Plus Size Women

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Cute Overalls Make Great capsule Wardrobes for Plus Size Women

For a lot of working women, a capsule wardrobe could be a very good idea. A plus sized capsule wardrobe can be surprisingly easy to construct, especially if you have some basic sewing skills. These are stylish pieces you can outfit yourself as part of a business casual, business suit and just plain old everyday casual (although still look sleek and sexy). By combining and matching the various pieces in a capsule wardrobe you will be ready for whatever cold weather you might encounter on the way to work, whether it’s a long day at work or a frantic night out with your friends.

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The trick is in the accessories. For instance, the little black dress that you wear with your current 50’s nostalgia capsule wardrobe may actually look out of place in this new modern and trendy capsule wardrobe. A blazer or coat with a fitted cardigan is perfect for the dress while a nice pair of high leg boots would look great with the cardigan. You can also switch out your blazer or coat depending on what the evening’s events or occasions might be. For example, if there’s a party happening on Wednesday night, you may want to wear a nice button down shirt over a nice pair of slacks or a nice skirt with a patterned blouse or dress.

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For pants, I love super-sexy pencil skirts paired with the cute outfits I wear with my job at home. Pairing pencil skirts with the right pants really brings out the sexiness in you! Pencil skirts are perfect for both summer and spring, so try pairing them with a nice floral patterned pant, or with a light cotton or linen pant. Just remember, with any pants, it’s important to make sure that they fit well. Remember, the goal is to have comfortable pants that will allow you to move freely. Remember, in addition to the cute outfits I mentioned, the key is to make sure you have plenty of storage space for everything you wear!

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