Dressing For Work, for Play, or For Taking the Kids Out

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Dressing For Work, for Play, or For Taking the Kids Out

Fall is here and it means dressy affairs so it’s time to get creative with your weekend wardrobe! This year’s ensemble de jour is a stylish combination of evening wear and smart casual for work or play. This season’s capsule wardrobe collection offers ease of accessorizing with its pre-measured sections and easy to use button fastenings. With just a white-collar blouse, leggings, and strappy heels, this fall’s weekend wardrobe capsule takes care of business with little effort. And, all work fun!

Need something out of the ordinary to round out your weekend wardrobe capsule? The Belted Paper Bag is perfect for adding that little something extra to your ensemble. This year’s Belted Paper Bag features a beautiful printed design in a checkered color, embellished with beadwork and diamond shapes. A white cotton flannel shirt with elasticized waistbands is just the start of this ensemble as it can be worn with leggings and even over a bikini with a simple belt. Add some bright-colored accessories like a brightly-contemplated purse and you’re all set for a night on the town!

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This dressy weekend wardrobe capsule wardrobe is perfect for working women on the go who wants variety in their closet. It’s also great for taking the kids out for a night on the town. The updated Belted Paper Bag is ideal for any occasion whether you’re dressing for work or for play. With bold colors like hot pink and dark blue, this new season update packs a punch! With its crisscrossing lines and seamless hemline, it will have you looking dapper anytime, anywhere!

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