Easy Spring Crate Wardrobe Additions

Easy Spring Crate Wardrobe Additions

capsule wardrobe accessories are very popular among capsule enthusiast. On an average, those who have a taste for stylish and smart separates need approximately 28 to 37 different items in their wardrobe, which is an perfect amount for what we call a capsule wardrobe. Before you say anything, no, it’s not too unrealistic, and yes, this still is a fairly reasonable amount since let s be frank for a moment how many shirts, pants or shorts you’ve in your closet you daydream of having in the future? Furthermore, how many t-shirts, blouses or other tops do you own that have the exact same style, color or pattern as one of your favorite articles of clothing from the capsule wardrobe? I’m willing to bet that at least a few, if not most of these articles of clothing, have a little bit of wear in them.

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Therefore, it makes sense that a great way to save money while looking smart and dressed for the work week is to select a few very versatile capsule pieces, put them together in one outfit and then accessorize with neutral tones, such as a solid black or brown leather jacket and a pair of skinny jeans, or even a nice graphic tee and skinny jeans. For a casual spring capsule wardrobe outfit, this would translate to a chic gray pullover sweater in the same color as your gray pullover jeans. Additional accessories that can be included in this outfit are a silk flower scarf in the same color as your gray sweater, along with a silk scarf in the same hue as your gray jeans.

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The key to this capsule wardrobe outfit is to ensure that your pieces of clothing are all in one piece, either the sweater, pants or shirt. It is also necessary to coordinate colors and prints so that your outfit truly pops. However, if you are not particularly interested in wearing too much in one outfit, you will want to have some flexibility in the design of your wardrobe pieces. For instance, some people opt for more than one pair of shoes, but the trick is to purchase items that coordinate well and are relatively inexpensive. Still, it is important to be able to mix and match capsule pieces so that you are not wearing the same outfit twice.

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