Fall capsule Wardrobe Trends for Today

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Fall capsule Wardrobe Trends for Today

As fall approaches we will slowly be heading out to see what capsule style wardrobe we can bring into our homes for the holidays. One of the newest trends in capsule wardrobes is the addition of belts and other accessories to complete the overall look. In the fall of last year, capsule style became very popular, especially for women who wanted a more sporty and casual look for their wardrobes. This year though capsule wardrobes seem to be making a comeback. You can see many retailers bringing back a few of their fall styles and adding a few new additions this year as well.

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One of the most popular capsule styles for fall is the sports themed capsule wardrobe. This year there are several different styles that have been released, including a polo/striped one that has a sports stripe down the middle, a checkered one, and a checkered sport polo with stripes down the side. All of these come in different neutrally toned colors that give your closet a sporty look without being too bold or flashy.

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Of course not everything in a fall capsule wardrobe is going to be sporty. There are plenty of stylish capsule pieces that can give your closet a stylish look without being too heavy or bulky. For instance, instead of focusing on the bold stripes down the side of your sports jersey, why not focus on the rest of the shirt? A sporty solid colored jersey with a pair of skinny jeans is a very stylish fall style that also pairs well with a wide variety of leg wear. Wearing these two together is a winning combination that will have you looking sharp in any fall evening.

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