How to Build a Wardrobe For Less

How to Build a Wardrobe For Less

Every woman deserves a stylish wardrobe where she can look great all the time. If you are wondering how to build a wardrobe, take a moment to consider how you use your wardrobe to stay organized. Your closet could be a place for everything, but not having everything where you need it can lead to a messy look. With a right capsule you can easily get dressed in the dark with style and not need to replace objects for years. To give you an example of how to build a wardrobe properly, prepare an example of a three-piece capsule wardrobe made of clothing that is organized using a few common accessories.

For the outerwear, choose two different neutrals a t-shirt and a tank top. The tank tops provide protection for the t-shirt and prevent it from getting wet while the t-shirt is hanging in the case. The next step is to purchase a few different bottoms and then a few different shirts that go from one color to another. You want to make sure that the bottoms match the shirts, and the bottoms match the bottoms. You want a complete capsule wardrobe where the shirts have different looks, but remain coordinated through the whole ensemble.

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Next, you will need two coats: a dark colored t-shirt and a light colored skirt/jacket. The next step is to purchase several different colors of socks, and two pairs of comfortable shoes with organic cotton t-shirts. To complete the capsule wardrobe, arrange your shoes in loose stacks across the bottom of your closet so that they do not obstruct each other’s movement. You can also use some accent throw pillows to create a more organized look. This complete look for how to build a wardrobe will not only keep you looking stylish but will also conserve space in your apartment or house.

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