How to Pick the Perfect Winter Workout Apparel

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How to Pick the Perfect Winter Workout Apparel

My best friend had his entire capsule wardrobe handed down to him when he was a kid, and I’m here to tell you why I think he picked it bad. The main thing that young adults do not know about capsule wardrobes is how functional they are as a bedroom theme. This is the reason why college kids will often times use college dormitory style capsule wardrobes, not realizing the function they actually possess. Let’s break down the pieces of a good capsule wardrobe to see exactly what it is that you’re getting when you buy one.

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The first piece that I want to talk about is the pencil skirt, or at least the ones that you would typically get something like a pencil skirt in. The problem with pencil skirts is that they’re very easily damaged, or they show up way more damage than they did to begin with. You get something like a black pencil skirt, with high waisted pants, and an extremely low cut shirt, and then you put on the wrong shoes and draw attention to the high waisted pants. So the first piece in a capsule wardrobe for men should be a pencil skirt.

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The second thing to mention in my Winter Workout capsule wardrobe guide for men is an under Armour tank top. The problem with Under Armour tank tops as a whole is that you don’t look cool enough for modern day work attire, but you still look decent enough to go out to dinner with friends. And even though most people wear them with pants, you can also wear them with a dressy blouse under a jacket or wool pea coat for a very dressed up look that’s appropriate for work, and also appropriate for the colder months. The key to a great Under Armour tank top, is making sure that it’s not too revealing, but that it’s not so baggy that it leaves all of your clothing exposed.

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