How to Style Your French C capsule Wardrobe

How to Style Your French C capsule Wardrobe

A French capsule wardrobe is easy to update and the perfect addition to any home. The French have a penchant for living in style and always dressing impeccably. Their trademark simplicity is envied, but what many may not realize is that their timeless wardrobe is easily attainable in your own closet. There are three essential pieces to this wardrobe’s core, a jacket, a pair of jeans, and a waist belt or drawstring purse to round it out.

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If you live in the colder regions of the world, you need to avoid purchasing any heavy sweaters with expensive buckles attached. Instead, invest in a few thinner vests, solid colors with subtle designs, or a few colorful belts with small buckles. The key to any french woman’s wardrobe is her pants. She can choose from either boot cut, flared legs, straight legs, or low rise pants. Each type of pant suits a different body shape and gives a different look, so be sure to get something that fits you perfectly. No matter what shape your body is, a pair of jeans and a waist belt should always be a staple pair.

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Another key element to the French capsule wardrobe is her clothing tops. There are two types of tops: the tube top and the cap sleeve. The tube tops are long sleeve, tube style shirts, while the cap sleeve is short sleeve, sleeveless shirts usually with a banded collar. The French girl also has the option of pairing her shirt with a skirt, which is another staple in any modern wardrobe. Skirts can be paired with either pants or skirts, depending on the particular look that you are going for. Be sure to choose a top that not only flatters your figure but also makes you look stylish.

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