Making the Best Laundry List Part 1

Making the Best Laundry List Part 1

Capsule wardrobe is a common term used in American fashion magazines during the 1940’s to denote a tiny collection of clothing designed to only be worn together that harmonized in shape and color. The capsule wardrobe was widely adopted by such celebrities as Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe, who wore their clothing together in what was referred to as the ” capsule look”. In the 1960’s, the popularity of the capsule wardrobe as an individual fashion item for teenagers and young adults burst, and it was soon adopted by the elite fashion market of the United Kingdom and Australia.

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When capsule clothes were first introduced in the United States, most people associated them with college students going out for the first time or a newly decorated room in a new home. As more teenagers and young adults experimented with their new found style, capsule clothes soon became associated with the leisure of working class men and women in America. With the advent of the United States Post Office Department, laundry services began springing up around major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. These services provided a service that would benefit not only the working class, but the middle class as well who could afford to send their children to daycare and still keep their children dressed in uniform and in good physical shape.

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A typical capsule wardrobe list includes a full array of tops, bottoms, jeans, jackets, skirts, dresses, and even belts or jewelry sets. This type of wardrobe makes shopping for new clothes very convenient, and allows the buyer to try out different combinations before committing to one complete outfit. With the large selection, a buyer is able to experiment and see which combinations flatter their figure best and flatter their budget the best. Most capsule wardrobes are stocked with clothes in every size from infants to adults, and come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles. Because capsule clothes are machine washable, buyers have the opportunity to wash and re-wear clothing many times without worry of damaging the material or damaging the quality of the clothing.

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