Mini Capsule Wardrobes For Less

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Mini Capsule Wardrobes For Less

What if I told you that you could buy a mini capsule wardrobe that looks like it’s ready to fit your bedroom, and it hangs off your wall exactly where you need it to? I mean, the doors open, the pockets are real, and it all fits into place as if it was specially designed just for your bedroom! A mini capsule wardrobe could be just the thing to give you the extra space you need in your bedroom. Or if you’ve got a smaller wardrobe, a small table to store things on, and you want something that will hang there quietly without an eye catching, a mini capsule wardrobe may be just the solution you are looking for.

A mini capsule wardrobe can come in many different styles and finishes and even come with a matching robe set (for men). Many mini capsule wardrobes are made of cashmere, a durable and elegant fabric that comes in many colors. A cashmere sweater, shawl, or cape (all made of cashmere) gives a subtle appearance while adding warmth to any wardrobe. In addition to the cashmere clothing, many mini capsule storage units include other garments that would also look good hanging on a closet door such as: a frilly or crochet bib or scarf, a fleece blanket, a cashmere sweater dress, a down jacket in one of those warm to ultra cold weather fabrics like merino wool, a fleece jacket, or a pair of thermal socks with a thermal lining and a tiny bit of height. You could even store a few pairs of jeans in these mini wardrobes because they can hang longer than most regular sized jeans.

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The great thing about a capsule wardrobe (other than the fact that it looks really neat and organized) is that it frees up a lot of room in your main closet, giving you more space to keep your personal style in and your essentials in. If you’ve got a smaller bedroom, it’s a great idea to get rid of the clutter in your bedroom by getting rid of the clothes you don’t wear and only keep the ones that you wear every day. Add some personal touches with some of your favorite accessories and carry a couple of change of socks, a new bracelet or earrings if you’ve got a bit of a style itch, and some flats or even a pair of fancy ballet flats to walk around in. This will free up a lot of precious space in your closet for things that you need to express your personal style with.

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