Postpartum capsule Wardrobes – Choosing the Right Jodhpurs

Postpartum capsule Wardrobes – Choosing the Right Jodhpurs

A postpartum capsule wardrobe will be your best friend after you have given birth. Basically, a capsule wardrobe is basically a set of necessary clothing items which don’t go out of style and can also be mixed and matched according to seasonal items available in the market. This type of wardrobe can be very useful for expectant mothers as it provides the much needed convenience of dressing up without worrying about their babies. However, the capsule wardrobe can be quite costly compared to other similar options available in the market. There are some ways however which you can adopt to reduce the cost of your wardrobe. The following are some tips:

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Follow an organized color palette One thing that women who are planning to put together their capsule wardrobe usually complain about is how confusing choosing the right colour palette can be. Basically, there are two types of colour palettes which you can adopt to match your wardrobe with. One is based on your body type and the other one is based on the season in which you are expecting your baby to arrive. For those expecting a baby during the spring and summer months, choose colours such as green, light yellow and light orange, whereas those expecting a baby in the winter months should choose dark colours like black, navy blue, grey and brown. In case you are not sure what these colours are, then just refer to the colour swatches available in department stores or ensembles which are suitable for different body types. Usually, these capsule sets include two to three pairs of maternity pants, jeans, blouses and possibly some maternity dresses depending on the season in which you are expecting.

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Wear comfortable joggers Jogging pants or shorts are a great buy if you plan to go jogging during the first few months after giving birth. Women who are not planning to use a capsule wardrobe initially can purchase loose fitting joggers and shorts from a local store and try them on for size to ensure that they are comfortable to wear. Always ensure that the bottoms of the jogging pants or shorts are stretchy so that they do not dig into your thighs as soon as you put them on. The other option is to go for boot cut style jogging pants which are generally more flexible and ideal for those who want to look better without wearing a dress. If you are planning to buy these joggers online, make sure that they are labelled as being comfortable and fit for activity purposes as opposed to being just casual clothing.

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