Reddit Capsule Wardrobe – The Reddit Mystery Behind Its Rise to Stardom

Reddit Capsule Wardrobe – The Reddit Mystery Behind Its Rise to Stardom

Reddit capsule wardrobe is an interesting take on the capsule wardrobe concept. It follows the story of Reddit user “jacksonlily,” who finds the new Reddit app on the website and sets out to explore the site to see if it has the potential to rise to stardom status. He gets very caught up in the community and what people are talking about, and makes a few purchases based on hunching around and trying to figure out what exactly users are into. Within a matter of a few days he realizes that something is off, but what exactly is it is a mystery that he and his roommate get into and figure out the mystery that leads to an all out shoot out of Reddit capsule wardrobe.

The Reddit capsule wardrobe itself is actually one of the more clever and funny things I have seen on Reddit. The mystery behind how and why the wardrobe came to be is a great one, and the whole season has been excellent with episodes like the full hd english sub episode which introduced so many new fans to Reddit, the introduction of /u/bagelpoo. The rise of Reddit has definitely peaked my interest in these wacky products, and I hope that the producers of the Reddit capsules keep delivering top quality content.

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While Reddit capsule wardrobe is certainly funny and will no doubt thrill the millions of users who are glued to this website, I am just worried that they are taking too much of a risk with their product by broadcasting such a big secret. With the number of prank and spam accounts on Reddit alone, it would be very easy to sway the public opinion and get banned from using the site. Luckily, I am not the only one who thinks this way, so I will probably just wait and see what happens.

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