Review of the Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Review of the Winter Capsule Wardrobe

This year’s capsule wardrobe is all about the winter, and for a better look, I suggest you get one of the Winter capsule collections. The collection this year is centered around the theme of snowflakes, so it is perfect for those who want to create a wintery look in their closet. What I love about the winter wardrobe this year is that they are made out of luxurious textiles like beige and brown chenille. Also the lining of the bag has a wintery theme, with small blue and red ribbons on it and wintery knitted pillows. The wintery look is really perfect for me because it is what I am most used to, I especially like it because it gives my figure a little something it is missing when I go out to work in the summer.

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To complete the Winter capsule wardrobe, I have purchased two paar sleeves that are crocheted in black for extra flair. I also have a reversible sleeveless sweater that has small blue buttons on it, and a pair of leggings with large buttons on them. I love the look these added accessories give to my outfit, they bring in some more of the wintery feel to it, although I prefer the color of the winter clothes to the color of the accent colors in the winter clothing. For the belt, I have purchased a gold one with a gold zipper and accent beads.

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I am really excited to try out this winter capsule wardrobe. The Winter collection comes in many different colors, I can’t wait to try out what the different ones will look like along with the colors of shirts and pants that I already have. It is a really great way to change up the looks of your closet and add a bit of chic to your winter wardrobe without a lot of work. It would also be nice if you could find other items besides the sachen purses and the blouses that would look good with the Winter collections by Miten.

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