Setting Up a Modest Capsule Wardrobe

Setting Up a Modest Capsule Wardrobe

The capsule wardrobe is quite a new term being used recently by stylists and fashion designers to describe a relatively new style of dressing where most of the clothing is either navy blue, black or dark red, and sometimes even with a bit of cropped or cap sleeves, large leg pants, nice jackets, and perhaps an apron. These days this style has really taken off and is being seen in many magazines and even on TV. Many people describe this as “covert chic”, which I think is an apt description of what this style entails. It is not dissimilar in concept to the mini dress that almost every woman has worn at one time or another, but now it is being accompanied by other accessories such as jewellery, shoes, and even accessories such as watches.

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The best way to start out with this new and exciting style is to simply get rid of some of your old clothes and replace them with new items in your capsule wardrobe which are a bit more stylish, comfortable and a bit sexier. Keep your tops in the same colour and fabric as your undergarments, belts in the same colour as your pants, and your shoes in the same colour as your socks. You can add accessories, such as a small purses and handbags, or you can opt for an all black ensemble. Your shoes and your clothes should both have fairly simple lines so that you keep your look clean and organized while remaining attractive and appealing to the eye.

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Once you have your capsule wardrobe put together, it is time to start putting it together. The key to making this outfit work for you is to keep your colour palette simple and keep your pattern sizes limited. Think of your outfit as an image, and then arrange your clothes and accessories so that the main colour palette fits in with that image. If you have too much colour in one place, try to tone it down or else you will overwhelm your look. If you have too many patterns and too much colour in a particular place, then just take it down a few notches and you will have a better success with making your capsule wardrobe work for you.

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