Soft Autumn capsule Wardrobe For a Winter Wonderland

Soft Autumn capsule Wardrobe For a Winter Wonderland

Soft autumn is upon us and when winter has come to a close, it is time to consider what you want to wear to reflect this season. This year we are seeing more emphasis on feminine styles and muted color palettes so this fall, you don’t have to get your heart set on an elaborate evening gown. There are many ways you can transition your wardrobe from fall to winter without sacrificing any of your style.

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By following the same rules and techniques that you used to make your basic capsule wardrobe you can easily create an autumnal capsule wardrobe using only accessories and items that pair well together. Think about your color palette and if a softer autumn palette is more appropriate than a more traditional autumn wardrobe. Go with neutral colours that are flattering and also complimentary to your skin tone. Fall colours include gold, copper, bronze, rust, burnt orange, brown and soft pink.

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You can then continue with your neutral evening dress, a solid dark winter business casual dress in one of these muted colours along with your dark winter coat, scarf, cardigan and your shoes. You can finish off this look with your dark winter boots, brogues, half-sleeved cardigans, solid coloured tights and stockings and your smart hairdo and personality. Your accessories should complement your clothing so look for ones in colours that will enhance your outfit as well as the way you normally wear your hair. You can of course choose to wear your hair in a more messy up do but this would be a bold fashion statement so if that’s not you, take to simple updos to give you that sharp autumn look.

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