The Best Way to Accomplish Your Goals With a Stylish and timeless Capsule Wardrobe

The Best Way to Accomplish Your Goals With a Stylish and timeless Capsule Wardrobe

If you are looking to reinvent your wardrobe for a timeless design that still has modern appeal, then a timeless capsule wardrobe may be exactly what you need. A Timeless capsule wardrobe is basically a wardrobe for the savvy-casual men out there, whether you are a reformed jock or just like to keep things simple. Timeless capsule pieces combine the best elements of traditional wardrobe staples, like tweed, leather, wool, and sturdy denim; with the latest, surprising additions, like copper and silver. The result is an instantly classic wardrobe that is also instantly versatile and customizable.

5 Steps to a Great Capsule Wardrobe ...

Timeless Pieces for Building Your Closet

A classic capsule wardrobe is easy to install in your existing closet. You will need a few basic items, which you probably already have in your wardrobe (like tweed shirt, a pair of jeans, a tweed dress, etc. ), and some new capsule clothes in one or two of these bold colors: black, gray, blue, purple, orange, or green. These are the perfect color palette combination to give you a fresh and clean look that is also easy on the budget! With these colors, your closet should resemble a single panel of a refrigerator, featuring neutral colors that can go well with a wide variety of separates and tops.

Capsule wardrobe : general rules ...

Once you’ve decided on the color palette and the pieces you’d like to incorporate in your timeless capsule wardrobe, you’ll need a few more accessories to complete your look. For example, you’ll want to invest in a few key pieces of clothing that won’t break the bank, but are still stylish and wearable – pieces like a pair of high-waisted pants, a jacket with a belt, or a stylish cardigan. Other pieces may be less expensive, but they won’t be of the same quality as those aforementioned clothing staples, and they’ll also make you look like you just came off the catwalk! For example, some people choose belts as their main accessory, but belts can be quite expensive, and some of them, especially those made from real leather (which can get very pricey) can look out of place with the rest of your wardrobe. Remember, when putting together a capsule wardrobe, you want to make sure that all of your clothing choices fit into it comfortably, yet still look stylish and fashionable.

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