The Modern Solution to Wardrobe Basics

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The Modern Solution to Wardrobe Basics

The capsule wardrobe brand was founded in 2021 by a London based designer, Declan Mulcahy. He designed the capsule wardrobe to replace the bulky clothes found in many wardrobes across the world. Many people already loved the concept of the wardrobe, as it allowed people to live a more modern and simple lifestyle. People who love dressing up but find the thought of actually putting on clothes can be quite daunting would probably benefit from this concept. If you love spending time sorting through clothes but hate looking at them then this is definitely for you.

There are two different capsule wardrobe basics collections. The first one is composed of capsule garments that come in five basic designs: stripes, plaids, paisley’s, paisley tie and tartans. The second collection consists of capsule garments that come in twelve designs including denim, leggings, shorts, tank tops, tube dresses and vests. Both collections have been designed to look minimalist and casual. The clothing is mostly made of cotton and have been created to help minimize space and give the consumer a feeling of being comfortable and modern.

Each piece in the capsule wardrobe brand has been created to reflect a new trend or be inspired by a color or design that one wants to see more of. Due to the minimalist designs of the pieces and the fact that they are made from high-quality fabrics, they are able to last a long period of time and still look great years later. Anyone who loves fashion will love the brand as it caters to both a gender and lifestyle. Due to the great care taken in creating the capsule wardrobe brand, anyone who buys any of its pieces will not regret it.

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