The New Way To Organize Your Baby’s Closet

The New Way To Organize Your Baby’s Closet

A baby capsule wardrobe is simply a series of versatile, timeless, and functional pieces of baby clothing which can be mixed & matched together with various accessories for a limitless number of looks. Capsule wardroaches embrace the concept that purchasing only a small collection of truly essential items is the smart way to optimize your wardrobe, while still minimizing your individual spending and maximizing your convenience. Capsule wardroaches make it easy to match different baby products to each other and create coordinated looks for your little one, while making it easy to find the products you need. Simply mix and match, or build a capsule wardrobe around a theme. Whether you’re searching for baby bedding, clothing, crib accessories, blankets, baby toys, etc, you’re sure to find just what you need.

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Most capsule wardrobe designs take the concept of “one size fits all,” to a new level by including various accessories which allow you to mix and match pieces from your everyday wardrobe with items designed for a baby. As an example, instead of wearing a dress with a fitted bodice, you can wear a fitted bodice along with a skirt. Mix and match neckties with shirts and blouses or buy a shirt with a sleeve or two removed, so you can wear a sweater or jacket over the dress or jacket. You’ll never have to worry about the clothing line or color that you choose as each outfit will coordinate with the rest.

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Baby capsule style clothing usually comes in basic colors such as white, black, brown and other neutral shades. Mix and match solid pants with booties and skirts to create a versatile look which you can adapt to your baby’s needs as they grow and you transition into wearing them. You can also purchase various accessories such as bottles, diaper bags, baby bottles, mobiles, rattles, clocks, hair clips and other fun things that can be added to your wardrobe for maximum utility. If you buy basic pieces from one capsule collection, it’s easier to coordinate pieces from another collection later on, if you like the coordinating pieces, but you can also wear a single piece from one capsule set while having a few pieces from another style or color set in your suitcase.

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