Travel Wardrobe – Spring Packaging

Travel Wardrobe – Spring Packaging

When you travel to Europe, there is no question that you will want to take along at least one travel wardrobe. However, when it comes to choosing a travel wardrobe, you have quite a few options. The first two that come to mind are the suitcase and duffle bags. These can be great, but they can also be rather heavy, especially for those who are traveling in a large group. If you aren’t planning on packing quite a bit, then these two options may be fine, but if you are packing quite a bit, I would suggest either packing a full wardrobe as well, or taking a trip with a full set of clothing.

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In addition to having a travel wardrobe, you will also need to decide what sort of clothes you will be packing. There are two things to keep in mind. First, remember that while spring is the best time to pack for travel, summer is just as bad–it’s just that spring is shorter. Therefore, if you are going to be traveling in a large group, and you are looking to pack light, you should pack for spring.

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Second, remember that there are only two sets of clothes to carry. Therefore, you should choose your outfits very carefully. Remember that you are packing for two people, so don’t mix and match any of your clothes. For example, don’t bring a nice spring outfit along with an ugly pair of slacks. And don’t think you can wear your favorite trench coat with a skirt and a blouse. Be sure to choose clothes that go together only in springtime–that way, you won’t be bending over backwards to find them when you get to your destination!

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