What You Should Know Before Buying Your Winter Contingency Wardrobe

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What You Should Know Before Buying Your Winter Contingency Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is simply a series of versatile, better yet simple pieces of clothing which can be matched and mixed together to form multiple outfits easily. For instance, a capsule wardrobe of only 30-40 items can generate well over 150 outfits if the modules work together. In fact, it is the simplicity of mixing and matching that sets capsule wardrobes apart from other styles of wardrobes. Also, unlike typical wardrobes which have several drawers which each hold one or more clothing item, capsule wardrobes are generally equipped with one single larger storage area for all of your clothes which allows for an easy repositioning of clothes when you need to move around. For these reasons, capsule wardrobe modules have become popular with both women and men who want to simplify their wardrobes.

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Basically, capsule wardrobe modules are constructed using two pieces of wood; one big piece which serves as the head and torso of the wardrobe, and smaller but identical pieces of wood which act as legs and feet. These two pieces are joined with a metal clip and some sort of hardware, such as nails or screws which allow the pieces to lock into place and become one unit. When the hardware is removed, the pieces then separate and the head piece falls down to form the base of the wardrobe. Since the head piece is usually metal, there are no written words on the boxes to give away any sort of clues as to what the pieces actually are.

The main draw back to a capsule wardrobe is that they cannot hold clothing in a modular fashion, so if you are creating an ensemble of about twenty pieces you will be limited to what you can put in your wardrobe. However, most people use capsule wardrobes for winter, and summer wardrobe designs are available if you would like to combine a capsule wardrobe with another type of wardrobe such as a dustbin wardrobe or a seasonal wardrobe. However, most people who have one of these wardrobes are either looking to purchase clothing for an upcoming special occasion, or they just like wearing clothes in general, so it is hard to imagine a scenario where they would not enjoy having this type of wardrobe.

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