Work capsule Wardrobes

Spring Workwear Capsule Wardrobe

Work capsule Wardrobes

The Work capsule wardrobe is a classic style that has a variety of beautiful pieces to offer plus size women. This wardrobe is perfect for every woman who wants to look sexy and stylish in addition to being comfortable and durable. It features a sleek, understated design that is both contemporary and timeless. It comes with over thirty pieces including five different pieces of pants, jackets, skirts, cardigans, and blouses. The pieces feature a unique graphic design that includes leopard mules, a beautiful black ankle bootie, a black boho shirt, and a plaid skirt. This look is perfect for any occasion from work to evening events.

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This capsule wardrobe also comes with a brown work bag and a matching clutch. The bag is reversible so the bag can be turned right side out when not in use. The brown leopard mules design is a classic and gorgeous addition to any wardrobe. The leopard mules is a very flattering piece because it goes well with every color in the neutral tones and looks fantastic on thick or thin women. A beautiful green loafers completes the look.

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A great part of this capsule wardrobe is the unique “Work To Play” dress code. The “Work To Play” dress code allows the wearer to choose one of their favorite colors and add a playful piece to their capsule wardrobe. The dress code allows the wearer to transform their work attire into an elegant and flattering work skirt or jacket. This allows the wearer to have the versatility of choosing any type of piece of clothing they want, whether it is a shirt, sweater, bootie, or skirt and allows them to change their entire look from work to play. The Work To Play capsule wardrobe also features a cute green paw print blouse.

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